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Guest Services

Karbelle Mansion Services

Some Information You Might Find Useful


Myself, and my two dogs Wyatt and Kassie, will always be available. During your stay it is recommended you use your cell phone to communicate because it may take you awhile to find us otherwise! We do stay on the premises for assistance and questions about the house.


The house has 24 hour surveillance located in main public space.  Each bedroom has a coded lock installed for privacy and security of personal items.  Guests will receive unique codes to each of the bedrooms upon arrival.

Included with Stay

Coffee & Tea will be provided, along with granola, fruit snacks and pastry varieties.  Each guest will receive a coupon to use at any of the Local Restaurants downtown for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  This is to allow for individual eating preferences. There’s something for everyone’s appetite!


Guests are free to “respectfully” do anything. Drink from the Vera Wang champagne flutes, relax in the Hot Tub, make yourself an espresso, play the organ or harmonica! You will be free to look, use, and enjoy the shared amenities available.